Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Maybe not the kind of establishment you was expecting to be featured on my blog, but there is a good reason!

Meeting up with a friend for a quick lunch we decided to head to McDonald's, as let's be fair you know what you're getting and the service is always fast-just what we needed so we could fit in as much gossip as possible.

I decided to be a little more extravagent than usual and opted for the Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo accompanied by a chocolate milkshake and the obligatory fries. I usually go for the McChicken Sandwich meal, so thought i'd be different this time! I was by no means disappointed with my food, the ciabatta that formed the Chicken Legend was lovely and the fries were cooked nicely and actually hot! However, my milkshake took the entire length of our time there to melt into a drinkable consistency, a minor fault but annoying none the less!

My friend thought it would be a fun idea to depress ourselves by working out how many calories we had just consumed. I was shocked to discover that my entire meal was close to 50% of my daily intake! Also, the Chicken Salad Deli Sandwich on brown bread with cheese and salad is only 2% lower than a BigMac, which I found a little bizarre as I had always considered the Deli sandwiches to be something of a healthier option? I may be naive when it comes to calorie intake, as to be honest I very rarely look at the nutritional information on the food that I eat. However, this has genuinely shocked me into wanting to know more about what I'm putting into my body and how much of my recommended daily intake it is equalling to.

I would love to hear your comments on this.


  1. Sometimes the simplest thing is the best -especially the plain hamburger. It's totally a zen experience and only 230 calories(but do avoid the cheese.)The wraps are also not a bad choice calorie-wise. The fries of course are a gourmet treat.

    Never heard of the Chicken Legend; sounds overblown and too fancy for me. Guess they're testing it out on the Brits first -or maybe this is suppose to be Brit friendly food.

    Well, enjoy your food adventures & come visit us in Chicago. We have lots of great resturants, as well as McDonald's. Cheers

  2. use the US websites of McD's, Burger King & Jack in the Box you can calculate the calorific value of all meals. It is truly frightening!